$ 700 million wallet crack: Bitcoin's 7th largest address is under constant attack

For the past two years, hackers have been attempting to crack the seventh largest bitcoin wallet, an address that holds 69,370 BTC or $ 712 million at today's exchange rate. According to CTO of cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock, the wallet is being made public on hacking forums to crack passwords.

The wallet has a large amount of bitcoin (BTC) listed on bitinfocharts.com on a so-called “Bitcoin Wealthy List”. Over the past ten years, cryptocurrency proponents have been scrutinizing this list for owners or recording important transfers.

According to a report published by Vice, the seventh richest BTC address is targeted by hackers, as the visible wallet.dat file has been passed through hacker forums in 12 to even 24 months. On Twitter, Alon Gal, CTO of cybercrime company Hudson Rock explained the situation.

"Get this," Gal tweeted. “There is a bitcoin wallet with 69,000 bitcoins being transferred back and forth between hackers / crackers in the last [two] years for the purpose of password cracking, so far it has not been successful. I have a wallet, connect me to a quantum computer, ”added cybercrime intelligence specialist.

“Bitcoin Wealthy List” according to bitinfocharts.com data on September 11, 2020.
After Gal's tweet, he was flooded with several direct Twitter messages asking about the wallet. Gal added:

Unless there is really good reason for me to give you the wallet, otherwise you won't get it sorry on 40 [direct messages].

News.Bitcoin.com also discovered that the wallet.dat file was sold on some websites like Bitcointalk.org. The 69,000 BTC wallet file was seen on Satoshidisk.com and All Private Keys. The All Private Keys website operates a marketplace where individuals and groups can purchase certain files to crack some public bitcoin addresses.

Screenshot of the wallet.dat file being sold on the web through many websites like Satoshidisk. This ad is selling the file wallet.dat 69,304 BTC BTC for 1,050 USD in bitcoin. News.Bitcoin.com does not recommend taking these files as they can be malicious, they can be fake, and the $ 712 million worth of BTC wallets is someone else's money.
The file being sold on Satoshidisk.com is being sold for 0.08929505 BTC or $ 1,050 at today's exchange rate. On Friday, 321 people viewed a listing of Satoshidisk.com allegedly containing the file wallet.dat.

Despite many attempts to crack the $ 712 million BTC wallet, no one has been able to crack it yet. Furthermore, Gal explained on Twitter that there might be a scheme that allows someone to "fake a wallet", which means the address could actually be empty.

“Someone warned me that there might be a method to spoof the wallet, though I don't know if it is correct or if it has been applied to this particular wallet,” Gal tweeted. “There is a thriving market for selling unregulated wallets where I know some crackers have undeniably successful,” wrote CTO Hudson Rock.

Of course, many individuals were skeptical of any so-called selling wallet.dat file and All Private Keys website. Some people assume that all websites are basically selling fake keys and wallet.dat file to record BTC.

"How do people know [the All Private Key market] is not just a scam to get people to send them BTC and in exchange they give them empty wallets that are locked?" one asked on Gal's Twitter thread.

News.Bitcoin.com does not recommend downloading or buying wallet.dat files or alleged private keys, as most of these ads are scams. If that's too good to be true, it probably is.

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