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1. How is your information used?

We use information gathered on our systems for the purposes of operating, improving, enhancing user convenience and distributing our products and services.

We may also use the information we collect to inform you about products or what the partner companies offer, or to seek your opinion on current products and services or those and new potential services.

We may also use your contact information to send you emails or other notices about updates in InFo Magazine. The content and frequency of these notices will vary depending on the information we have about you. In addition, at registration, you have the option to receive news, announcements and promotions including but not limited to free newsletters from InFo Magazine related to the topics you have. may be of particular interest.

We have an area where you can get in touch with us. Any feedback you send to us becomes our property and we may use that feedback (such as success stories) for marketing purposes, or contact you for have more information.

2. With whom might your information be shared?

We do not disclose to third parties your personal information, nor personal information, or information about your use of InFo Magazine (such as the areas you visit, or the services that you access), except in the following cases.

We may disclose such information to third parties if you agree.

We may disclose such information to companies and individuals we employ to perform corporate functions on our behalf. For example, hosting web servers, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance, processing credit cards or other forms of payment, and customer service. These companies and individuals will have access to your personal information as needed to perform their functions, but will not share that information with any other third party.

We may disclose such information if there is a legal request, or from a Government agency or if we believe that such action is necessary in order to: comply with legal requirements or follow due process. of the law; protect the rights or property of Thinh Phat Marketing Joint Stock Company or its partner companies; prevent crime or protect national security; or protect the personal safety of users or the public.

We may disclose and transmit such information to a third party who acquires all or a large portion of the business of Thinh Phat Marketing Joint Stock Company by associating, merging or acquiring set or most of our assets. In addition, in the event that Thinh Phat Marketing Joint Stock Company becomes the subject of a bankruptcy lawsuit, whether voluntarily or reluctantly, Thinh Phat Marketing Joint Stock Company or its authorized person can sell. , otherwise permitting or disclosing such information during a transfer with the consent of the bankruptcy court.

3. User ethics

You agree to access and use InFo Magazine only for legitimate purposes. It is your responsibility to comply with all laws, regulations, rules and regulations pertaining to your use of InFo Magazine. Accessing website, you agree not to:
- Restrict or prevent other users from using and enjoying the Interactive Features.
- Sending or transmitting illegal, threatening, abusive, defamatory, defamatory, obscene, non-aesthetic, offensive or any kind of information inappropriateness, including spreading news that contributes to or encourages criminal conduct, causes civil liability or violates any local, national or international law.
- Submit or transmit any information, software, or other material that violates or infringes the rights of others, including material that infringes privacy or publicity, or material copyright, trade name or other proprietary rights, or derivative works, without the prior consent of the owner or legal holder.
- Submit or transmit any information, software or document that contains a virus or other harmful component.
- Modify, damage, or delete any content or other media that is not content in your possession.
- A statement relating to or speaking out for a business, association, institution or other organization for which you are not authorized to claim that relationship.
- Violating any rule, policy or manual of your Internet service provider or online service provider.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

- You acknowledge InFo Magazine Content in general by, reporters, content contributors ("Collaborators"), third licensees, and / or other users provided. You acknowledge that website permits access to copyrighted Content, trade names and other proprietary rights (including intellectual property rights) ("Intellectual Property Rights"), and receive intellectual property rights that are valid and protected in all existing media and thereafter, except as expressly stated below, your use of the content will be governed by laws. copyright and other applicable intellectual property laws.

You may not alter, copy, simulate, transmit, distribute, publish, create derivative works of, display or transfer, or otherwise commercially exploit any part of the Content. , in whole or in part, although you may: (i) make a reasonable number of copies digitally or otherwise so that your computer hardware and software are accessible and viewable. content, (ii) print a copy of each piece of content, (iii) create and distribute a reasonable number of copies of the content, in whole or in part, in printed or electronic form for the purpose of the set. Any authorized copies of content must be reproduced in an immutable form of any notices contained in the content, such as all Intellectual Property Rights notices, and information sources. initial information for " website" and its network address (URL). You acknowledge, InFo Magazine, its contributors, or users remain the owners of the content and that, you will not acquire any Intellectual Property Rights by downloading or printing content. right.

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