Aria Vung Tau strengthened when she returned to Danh Khoi Group

Joining Danh Khoi Group after the merger of Cotec Asia investor, Aria Vung Tau Hotel & Resort has gained momentum in the resort market.

Born in 2006, Danh Khoi is now one of the leading real estate distributors in Vietnam with 10 subsidiaries and associates with thousands of employees, service business and real estate investment. movables.

Strong financial potential and extensive experience associated with cult M&A deals and large-scale projects help Danh Khoi bring "new life" to the Aria Vung Tau Hotel & Resort project in general and Aquamarine block said. private. This is also considered as the factor that contributes to the product's value in times of market volatility.

The Aria Vung Tau Hotel & Resort project is located on 3/2 street - one of the most beautiful "resort" streets in Vung Tau. Perspective photo: Danh Khoi.

In a short time, Danh Khoi has merged a series of subsidiaries to develop many projects across the country, including Cotec Asia - investor Aria Vung Tau.

Many experts said that the merger between Danh Khoi Group and Cotec Asia helped this group save hundreds of billion VND compared to developing from the beginning of a similar project. The project also owns a great attraction with strong brands in the real estate industry such as Danh Khoi.

In addition, there are cult M&A deals such as Sun Frontier project with the new name The Royal - Boutique & Condo Da Nang, Da Nang Hotel And Resort Da Nang project with the new name Aria Da Nang Hotel & Resort (Aria Da Nang Nang), Con Tan Lap residential area is shaped into a classy project called The Aston Luxury Residence Nha Trang ...

This investor is also transparent about the legal information of the project so that customers can feel secure about money. Strong financial resources are also a factor contributing to the success of the project, besides quality, scale, construction progress, utilities ...

Therefore, the information about the Aria Vung Tau project to the hands of Danh Khoi Group has attracted investors who are interested in the project. The participation of this group promises to bring the project to a new level, bringing many potential investment values ​​in the tourist city of Vung Tau in 2020.

Breakthrough factors at the Aquamarine block

Recently, the Aquamarine resort apartment complex under the Aria Vung Tau Hotel & Resort project has created a buzz, blowing "new breeze" into the resort real estate market in Vung Tau. The project attracts thousands of investors looking to visit and access information, thanks to the advantage of large apartments and sea front location.

Block Aquamarine with a limited number of only 126 sea front houses attracts investors. Photo: Danh Khoi.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Thuan - General Director of DKRT, a member of Danh Khoi Group, said that the Aquamarine block of the Aria Vung Tau Hotel & Resort project increases the attractiveness and potential of this business.

"This is an important step forward for the project. The expensive potential from the project resonates with the strong financial potential of the corporation, promising to make Aquamarine a good choice for investors looking for a sustainable investment channel. and peace of mind, "said Nguyen Huu Thuan.

In addition to continuing to complete the items, DKRT also gradually prepares to deploy block C with the orientation of becoming the first 5-star restaurant - hotel at Chi Linh beach, managed and operated by leading partner in the world. After block C is built, the Aria Vung Tau resort complex can increase its value by inheriting many attractive factors such as modern facilities.

Block Aquamarine has also taken the roof to help investors feel secure about the legal and profitable progress in the future. This also shows the prestige, financial potential and implementation capacity of the investor. Along with that, buyers can directly experience the model house and verify the construction quality before deciding to pay down.

Aquamarine model house helps investors experience the reality and feel of the luxury resort space in the coastal city. Photo: Danh Khoi.

Mr. Thanh Hoang, an investor from Ho Chi Minh City, said that he was impressed with the construction progress of the project as the Aquamarine block is gradually completed, experiencing the model house space with spectacular sea views.

"I am looking forward to the latest sales policy information in the upcoming launch phase. I expect a breakthrough in sales policy from new developers to decide to down money because the number of apartments is not much. and conduct mining for rent ", Mr. Thanh Hoang said.

Aquamarine is believed to be a suitable investment opportunity now to anticipate the recovery of the resort real estate market in the future. The project is expected to be handed over in the first quarter of 2021.

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