Building cleaning costs increased during the pandemic

With increases of 10% or more, “cleaning and cleaning” is the largest increase in the global building management budget.

Disinfection of public spaces and cleaning of surfaces are considered to be effective methods of reducing Covid-19 infection. This will increase the cost of cleaning and cleaning commercial buildings globally in 2020, according to a survey by real estate research organization Propmodo. More than half of the respondents assessed that the cost of cleaning has increased by 10% or more, which is the largest increase in the management budget for buildings.

Fumigation is also applied by office buildings and apartments in Vietnam in the process of adapting to the "new normal" state. According to Savills, the cost for cleaning and cleaning in some buildings, but this level is not significant, mostly for the purchase of cleaning chemicals.

Ms. Vu Kieu Hanh, Director of the real estate operations management division, Savills Hanoi noted, if planning, managing and operating well, the cost for this activity will not increase. This is put in the context of health experts predicting Covid-19 may last 1-2 years.

For example, the spraying of Cloramin B needs to follow a mandatory process, suitable to the living time of residents. Buildings can be sprayed once a week on a holiday. The Management Board uses alcohol to clean frequently exposed locations such as door handles, stair handrails, handrails, lift buttons, switches. At the entrance, management can place thick carpet cloramin B impregnated with footwear. These are considered effective and not too costly preventive measures, in Savills's opinion.

Savills emphasized that a property with a clean, well-maintained feel will create great confidence, even positively affect the mental health of residents. The pandemic has become a good opportunity for investors and owners to recognize and re-evaluate real estate management and operation.

According to Savills, 61% of participants feel confident home is a safe, clean place. Therefore, investors and related units have many things to do to create confidence and persuade people to return to using public spaces.

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