Cryptocurrency daily - movers and shakers 2020

It had a bearish start to the day as investors locked in Saturday's gains. A Bitcoin turning over to $ 9,800 will signal another breakthrough.

Bitcoin was up 2.98% on Saturday. Partially reversing a 1.68% drop from Friday, Bitcoin ended the day at $ 9,706.4.

A mixed start until the day witnessing Bitcoin fall early in the day as low as $ 9,323.3 before finding support.

Steer clear of the first major support at $ 9,312.47, Bitcoin reached a high in the middle of the morning of $ 9,618.8 before turning back.

Bitcoin broke through the first major resistance at $ 9,579.27 before falling back below the $ 9,500 level and turning red.

Looking for late support from the broader market, Bitcoin bounced back to its intraday high of $ 9,750.0.

Bitcoin broke back through the first major resistance level before falling back. The second major resistance at $ 9,732.43 has pinned Bitcoin back at the end of the day.

The short-term downward trend, formed at the end of June 2019, with a price of $ 13,764.0, remains intact, confirmed by the March rally of $ 4,000.

For the bulls, Bitcoin will need to break out of the 62% FIB of $ 10,034 to form a short-term uptrend.

Rest of the pack

Across the remaining specialties, it was a day of price increases for the specialties on Saturday.

Cardano stormed ADA and Ethereum rose 18.80% and 10.56% to lead the day.

Bitcoin Cash ABC (+ 6.82%), Bitcoin Cash SV (+ 6.58%), EOS (+ 5.93%), Litecoin (+ 7.30%), Lumen of Stellar (+ 7.81%) , Tron's TRX (+ 9.26%) is also solidly generated.

Binance Coin (+ 4.35%), Monero Wind XMR (+ 3.64%), Ripple [XRP (+ 4.83%) and Tezos (+ 1.82%) follow the athletes ahead.

For the current week, the total crypto market capitalization has dropped to a low of early Monday as low as $ 238.04 billion before rising to a high at the end of Saturday as high as $ 272.67 billion. At the time of writing, the total market capitalization stands at $ 268.41 billion.

Bitcoin Bitcoin's dominance saw a spike in Thursday at 69.54% before slipping to Saturday's current low of 65.81%. At the time of writing, Bitcoin Bitcoin dominance stands at 66.11%.

This morning

At the time of writing, Bitcoin dropped 0.54% to $ 9,654.2. A bearish start to the day witnessing Bitcoin drop from the early morning of $ 9,707.2 to a low of $ 9,654.2

Bitcoin has left large levels of support and resistance untested early.

Elsewhere, it was a mixed start to the day.

Ethereum was up 0.16% at the time of writing to soon catch the trend.

That's a bearish start for the rest, however, with Stellar L Lumen dropping 1.43% to take the lead.

For Bitcoin days in advance

Bitcoin will need to avoid the $ 9,600 level to bring the first major resistance at $ 9,863.17 into operation.

However, support from the broader market is needed for Bitcoin to break out of Saturday, a high of $ 9,750.0.

Blocking another round of broad-based cryptocurrency recovery, the first major resistance is likely to overcome any rally.

In the event of another extended cryptocurrency rally, the second major resistance at $ 10,019.93 and 62% of the FIB of $ 10,034 could be operational.

Failure to avoid the $ 9,600 level could see Bitcoin falling deeper into the red.

A drop back in the morning of $ 9,654.2 to below $ 9,600 will bring the first major support at $ 9,436.47.

Nonetheless, blocking the sale of cryptocurrencies is expanding, however, Bitcoin will stay away from $ 9,400 for the day.

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