Profitability potential of a commercial townhouse in Thuan An

Shophouse contributes to creating a new look, providing multi-purpose real estate products and promoting trade - services for Thuan An city.

Commercial townhouses are one of the types of real estate products that shape significant commercial and commercial value for new cities or localities with great potential for economic development. The values ​​that the owners bring to this type of real estate as well as the ability to grow strongly come from the multi-purpose to create the unique advantages of the product.

Commercial value-shaping products

Economic development trend requires flexibility and diversity of product types in all fields, including real estate. In response to the increasing demands of customers and the development of the economy, real estate product models increasingly establish new values ​​for buyers. One of the product lines that always attracts the market's attention is commercial townhouses, thanks to its multi-purpose when ensuring both business and residential needs.

Normally, a shophouse project is developed in a land with synchronous and modern infrastructure, located next to crowded urban areas to create a push for regional economic development, as well as change the face. urbanization in the direction of modernization. In addition, this product line not only ensures profitable business purposes but also goes with the aim of creating a comfortable and convenient place to live, improving the quality of life of residents. With these characteristics, shophouse almost always appears in new cities, areas oriented to become the center of population - economic development.

Thuan An - one of the two newly recognized localities in Binh Duong in early 2020 is entering the acceleration stage. It is considered as the next core development area of ​​the entire Southeast, with resources for policy, infrastructure planning, industrial parks and trade - services. Besides, Thuan An is also one of the localities investing heavily in infrastructure to contribute to the creation of "smart urban areas" in Binh Duong. The province is also the locality twice recognized in the list of smart cities in the world voted by the World Smart Community Forum (ICF). These facilities help promote the value of Thuan An real estate.

In particular, Lavela Garden - one of the first land projects with specifications to build commercial townhouses was announced in Binh Chuan (Thuan An), creating opportunities for investors to exploit this potential. The project is implemented by Ngoc Le Construction Investment Company Limited.

Lavela Garden supplements the supply of land for commercial townhouses in Thuan An. Perspective photo: Ngoc Le.

Prime location

The convenient location for moving and connecting many areas is one of the advantages that makes the Lavela Garden shophouse a top choice for many investors. The project is adjacent to key transport routes of Thuan An such as DT743, Tan Van - My Phuoc, Thu Khoa Huan. These are crowded roads but ensure a safe distance from the urban area, helping to create a modern and convenient commercial and service space but still suitable for settlement purposes.

With modern infrastructure, electric - water - cable systems are underground, the park is 1,659 m2 wide, Lavela Garden affirms its value from the early days of information. Towards a comfortable, classy life, while improving the quality of life of residents, the project sets high standards for each construction item, reinforcing its position in the real estate market.

Legal fullness and transparency

In the context of the real estate market in the period of purification, owning a fully legal and transparent real estate product creates a great advantage in terms of profitability for investors. According to the general distribution agent - Connection Real Estate Joint Stock Company (LinkLand Corp), Lavela Garden has fully obtained land use right certificates, infrastructure construction permits and approved construction investment policy. project, approved 1/500 planning.

Lavela Garden aims to modern, high-quality life. Perspective photo: Ngoc Le.

Preferential sales policy

The launch of Lavela Garden is also considered to be the first phase in the period of strong development of Thuan An city, creating a good opportunity for investors to join early. As expected by the investor and general distribution agent, the project will launch the project market in the third quarter to provide the market with a supply of quality real estate in a potential area.

In addition to the reasonable price, in order to create conditions for buyers to reduce financial pressure when choosing Lavela Garden, the investor applies a flexible payment method to help buyers proactively finance, prepare money, and dong. Times can choose to receive a house early if there is a need to live or rent. High discounts from the selection of fast payment methods are also one of the good sources of profit for investors.

Urban development requires commensurate growth of commercial and service amenities. This is a good opportunity for shophouse investors to participate in the market early and exploit different types of businesses for fast urbanization in Thuan An city. With Lavela Garden, buyers have more opportunities to own a shophouse in the new city, suitable for both residential and investment needs, business exploitation, to meet promising potential.

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